Diabetes 2 Reversal

Whether pre-diabetic,newly diagnosed or have it since many years,Reverse Your Diabetes 2


Fat Loss

Loose inches from your waist and all over with our nutrient dense foods.Eat as much as you want!


High BP Reversal

Heal inflammation in the body which is the root cause and normalize BP and Cholesterol         


Thyroid / PCOS/ PCOD

Heal your thyroid imbalance which is the root cause of many diseases and weight gain               

Defeat diabetes
Through diet

Why FlatBelly ...

Regardless of your overall weight, having a large amount of belly fat increases your risk of: Cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. There is large population who struggles to lose belly fat compared to overall body fat. Belly fat is a serious condition and should not be overlooked.

So why is belly fat so hard to get rid of? Why do some people still have a belly even when they’re thin all over the rest of their body? Is there actually anything special about it ?

Our solution based on body type /hormonal control and food science will answer these questions. We believe in healing power of food


Our Philosophy ...

Weight loss is a healing journey and not about going on a diet.

Human Body is most intelligent machine and has immense power to heal itself. Our programs combines power of human body and Lifestyle to provide simple and sustainable solutions. Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep and emotional balance are four pillars of great health. We treat the root cause of the condition and don’t believe in restrictive diets

Human body can safely lose 2 to 4 Kgs of weight/fat in a month. We don’t believe in taking human body on unnatural path of 5/10/20 Kg weight loss in a month. Ailments and fat build over years and it is unreasonable to expect miracles. We will need minimum 3 months to achieve visible change while every month you will feel the difference

Our endeavor is to educate you about functioning of human body based on Hormone Control theory and 4 pillars of good lifestyle which plays extremely important role in fat loss and overall health.

Weight Loss Programs

Weight Loss is a Healing Journey and Not about going on a diet


Classic weight loss

Are you overweight because of high body fat? Dreaming of lean body but not able to sustain your exercise programs and food plans. Have you lost weight but have gained it back? Then join our classic fat loss program which will not only guide you to achieve your fat loss goals but share with you secrets of making it sustainable and lifelong change.


Flat belly program

Are you one of those who have lost fat all over the body except Belly? Pot Belly and sagging Belly are indications of unhealthy body. Join our Flat Belly signature fat loss program which will guide you to reduce belly fat systematically. We have done extensive research on reducing Belly fat by addressing primary root cause which attributes to hormonal imbalance.


Break the plateau

If you have ever been wholeheartedly dedicated to a fat-loss plan, you know the inevitable frustration of hitting a plateau. Plateaus are the point when your body's metabolism makes a transition to accommodate your new, lower weight. Further fat loss becomes almost impossible. Are you stuck with a plateau in your fat loss journey then this program is for you.

Reverse Chronic Diseases

Enroll for our Healing program which will transform your body from within. Our healing programs focus on changing lifestyle and food habits through delicious and nutritious meal plans


Diabetes Reversal

Are you diabetic or pre diabetic and want to go back to natural body functioning?Join our Diabetes reversal program.


High BP/Cholestrol reversal

High BP / Cholestrol is a sign of inflammation in the body.Reversing inflammation by addressing nutritional deficiencies the blockages in the arteries are reduced leading to normalizing blood pressure and cholestrol.



Diagnosed with Hyperthyroid/Hypothyroid and don’t want to take lifelong medicine? Not able to lose weight because of PCOS/PCOD/Thyroid?


40+ Women Age Reversal

Boost Your Energy Levels.
Correct your nutritional deficiencies - Vitamin, minerals and trace minerals and hormonal imbalances.We address deficiencies like Calcium and Iron in a holistic way without using supplements which can cause side effects.

How it works ...

  1. Life style Study

    Identify Potential

  2. Lab Reports

    To Understand Root Causes

  3. Analysis

    To Plan Lifestyle Changes

  4. Coaching

    For Step By Step Lifestyle Change

  5. Lab Reports After 3 Months

    To verify the results


What do You Get ...

  • Health Analysis Report
  • Sustainable Healthy Eating Guideline
  • Sustainable Food Planning Strategies
  • Weekly Meal Plan & Recipes
  • Detox Smoothies and Tea Recipes
  • Special Foods to address nutritional deficiencies
  • Exercise Guidance if required
  • Good Night Sleep techniques
  • Yoga Nidra and Pranayam to eliminate Stress
  • Daily Whatsapp Support
  • Bi-weekly Skype Call


Why we are Different...

Customized solution based on body type
Most of the fat loss programs are very generic in nature, we don’t believe in ‘One size fits all’ model. Our solution targets root cause based on Hormonal Body Control theory. Each body is different and needs different solution.

We use Natural and Nutrition dense food
Our solution includes natural and nutrition dense foods which help boost immunity and transform the body from within. Fat loss is just a side effect.

Our solution is sustainable
We transition you step by step from your current lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle which makes our solution sustainable.

We make your journey pleasurable
We recognize that there is very close and direct association between food and happiness. We provide ample and simple recipes, cooking methods, grocery lists all based on your food choices without losing focus on nutrition density.


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Why Are We Different?

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